5 Insanely Simple Ways to Live Life to the Fullest

Sarah Tirri
April 14, 2019

First, a sample of what your day might look like if you’ve got your shit together…

You wake up to the sound of the alarm and fend off the dog who is ecstatic you are awake. You let him outside and then check your phone and email for messages because what good is a message if you don’t check...

You shower while listening to a podcast. Jocko Willink is talking to Jordan Peterson about self-discipline. You wonder whether your level of discipline will allow your life to be as full as you want it to be…

You eat breakfast: a muffin that you baked yourself because surely anyone living their life to the fullest must be able to bake something from scratch...

As you unload the dishwasher, you think about all the things you haven’t yet accomplished and you decide to build a birdhouse, and you decide to do clean out your closet because there is so much stuff in there you won't ever use. You pass the thrift store on the way to work.

While you are brushing your teeth, you sing along to the country hit you have memorized the words to. You then remind yourself to defrost the salmon for dinner later.

You reset the A/C, and drive your dog to the doggy daycare, after which you swerve into the drive-thru through to get a double shot of espresso. Next you drop a few bags off at the thrift store as you contemplate what your morning work schedule looks like. You arrive at your job fully charged and ready to rock n' roll. You are highly competent at what you do, you are paid well, and the company is thriving. 

At lunch, you have to run to the bank and hit the post office to sign for a parcel that the mailman wasn’t able to deliver. You pick up some dog food and some multivitamins, and while you are doing this you get back to the the six people who left you a voicemail and who you need to talk to, you then phone the other three that you would like to talk to.

You head to back to work to begin your post-lunch routine, and your boss calls you into his office and asks you a question you confidently know the answer to. This impromptu meeting lasts for over an hour then you need to work at top speed so you can leave work by five.

You don’t leave until six pm. and have to rush to the doggy daycare. Your dog is wildly happy to see you and is looking forward to his nightly walk around the park a mile from your home. Your dog has no intention of calming down until he gets his fill. You throw a stick for him over thirty times. He is a little disappointed because yesterday it was forty.

You arrive home at 7.30 pm, and quickly turn the oven on. You open your snail mail. You pay two bills electronically and order the sweater you liked from L.L B. Bean. It was already in the shopping cart. You check your savings account online and smile; there’s more in it more than you thought. 

You undress, shower again, and get dressed again. You admire your appearance but wished you’d had your hair cut. It’s pushing 8.00. 

Your new love interest is running late, thank God, and you wouldn't mind if she cancelled, but you are also happy she is coming over for dinner. You chill the wine, skin the salmon, top and tail the green beans, and roast some potatoes before setting the table with candlelight and flowers. You adjust the background music. and realize some carpet lines in your expensive area rug might look nice. You quickly check your nightstand to make sure your condom supply is acceptable.

Your new love interest arrives at 8.15 and hands you a gift bag as she apologizes for being tardy. Her day sounded like it was as packed as yours. You are self-conscious because you forgot to put your shoes on and you make a mental note to take some ginko balboa to enhance your memory. You steer your new love interest to the dining table, and over dinner, you talk together about the things in life that excite you. Afterwards the two of you sit in front of your laptop and plan an exciting ski vacation to Switzerland which will be expensive, but you have a few more months to save up. There are dozens of countries that you want to visit; perhaps you could drive to Austria while you are there and maybe down to Italy. You must remember to rake through the spare bedroom closet to find your ski gear and hope that none of it got mistakenly sent to the thrift store. You make coffee. 

Just before 10 pm, out of the blue, an old friend arrives on your doorstep. He looks strung-out and needs counseling because having just gone through a painful breakup, life got too much him. Your old friend re-lives every painful detail of his recent ordeal, and soon your love interest stands up to leave. “Don’t forget to open your gift,” were the last words you heard her say as she pecked you on the cheek. You and your strung-out friend drink too much, but still, you are a good friend and this is what good friends do when shit hits the fan in either of your lives.

At 1 am. you call for an Uber. Your friend is overly affectionate and thanks you profusely on the doorstep. You yawn and let the dog outside to pee but instead, he chases the neighbor’s cat. The neighbor’s cat is now hissing at your dog from the shed roof and this excites your dog even more. You spend the next thirty minutes trying to coax your dog back inside. It’s freezing out.

You slip under the covers and suddenly realize that you missed the gym after work and you forgot to charge the battery that fuels your new Toyota. You are disappointed in yourself because you had vowed to lift more weights and hopefully gain ten pounds of muscle in order to be an inspiration to your niece and nephew who spend too much time in front of the TV.

As you try to sleep, your mind races. You realize that today will be repeated again tomorrow…

But tomorrow you must call the plumber, and respond to a long letter from a family member you haven’t seen for a while. You have to write an essay that you have been putting off because you are doing an online degree and you know that to get behind is a bad move. You remember that your mum is due to arrive later that day. You must make up the bed in the guest room and buy some fresh flowers, or perhaps you can just use the ones from last night’s dinner. You try and anticipate what your mum will want to do. She will want to go to church, and then to brunch afterwards, and then to the flower show, and then on to visit your sister and her kids.

It is nearly 2 am., and a thought crosses your mind. Am I living life to the fullest or am I missing something? At that moment and quite suddenly, the lens through which you perceive life leaves you somehow changed.


  1. You make a vow to chill out. You decide to slow down the pace. You decide that just thinking about what you can cram in next is exhausting. 
  2. You decide to pay attention to life’s promptings instead. You decide signposts are there for those who are lost. Perhaps you have been lost in activity and have only just realized it. 
  3. You get up and walk into the living room to un-wrap the book your new love interest gave you that evening:  Waking Up, by Sam Harris. The tile resonates because you feel like that has just happened to you.
  4. Tomorrow you will call your mum and postpone. Tomorrow you will take the day off work. Tomorrow you will sedate the dog. (just kidding) You will turn your phone off, you will light a fire, and pour a glass of very nice red wine. 

Tomorrow comes…

You are now in the moment rather than trying to conjure up the next one. You feel contentment arise because the present moment is far more enjoyable than thinking about 5 insanely simple ways to enjoy life to the fullest.

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