World Weary

Sarah Tirri
January 9, 2020

Take even a superficial look back in time, and you might agree with the world weary words of nineteenth-century transcendentalist Ron Waldo Emerson (1803-1882): “History is one damn thing after the other.” Edward Gibbon, noted British historian, said more cynically, “History is little more than the register of the crimes, follies, and misfortunes of mankind.” It is worth mentioning that Edward Gibbon lived during the latter part of the seventeen hundreds and so died well before the manmade depravities of the twenty-first century (about which I will talk shortly). If he had of lived more recently, I expect he would have gagged while declaring: History is little more than the register of mass genocide, of crazed slaughter, of the despicable acts of monstrous men behaving as rabid beasts. 

Why has man inflicted so much crap on his fellow man, so much brutality, hatred, and cruelty? And what is the culmination of this evolution of pain, with which, I pray, we must surely be bored?

Possible answers:

  1. Man found himself living in hell, on a godless little planet called Earth, where fear was in the eyes of every human battling endlessly to cling to his meaningless life. As we, the masses, fought off our oppressors, we both feared and craved the eternal extinction we hoped might end the madness. The hell we escaped was just a random byproduct of fluky forces, the ruling classes, who fared better than those they abused, declaring themselves gods and indulging their appetite for hedonism at the expense of the common man.
  2. We upgraded our worldview, hoping that, by bowing and scraping to a separate God-voyeur type with a murderous school-master complex who disapproved of us from the safety of His personal bliss, He could be petitioned (hopefully) to offer conditional deliverance from a desolate reality, the workings of which the inhabitants would never be able to fathom, let alone master, because fear permeated their thinking.
  3. Man has inflicted, and therefore experienced, so much crap because a spiritual process of reaping and sowing was and forever will be the condition of our reincarnational evolution towards awakened Godhood. Man, when he has finally awakened to the premise of his magnificent existence and learns to trust the laws that govern this Earthly realm - and his destiny therein, will no longer feel the burden of fear and will no longer burden others with it. A negative karmic cycle will end and a positive karmic cycle will replace it, giving way to a new age.

When one upgrades ones spiritual worldview to embrace a bigger picture of justice, it becomes apparent that man has been submerged in a process of reincarnation for brief bursts (using eternity as time's relationship) that have provided him with experiences, many negatively karmic, for his unfolding evolutionary journey. It is therefore essential that the implications of karmic law not only be examined but deeply delved into because when all the great world religions agree on something, this type of spiritual unity should get our fucking attention!

The following list is just an appetizer of sorts, and may well make you ill. Google: brutes in human history so you too can get a speedy indication of how much karma we humans, you and me previously, have been busy accruing. That is, spiritually speaking, it is important that we view the bigger picture of our history, otherwise, the bigger picture of our future (in which we are destined to create) might be a lot more thorny than needs be.

Author, R.J. Rummel says in his book Death by Government, "The more power a government has, the more it can act arbitrarily according to the whims and desires of the elite, the more it will make war on others and murder its foreign and domestic subjects. The more constrained the power of governments, the more it is diffused, checked and balanced, the less it will aggress on others and commit democide..."

Apart from Hitler, Mao, and Stalin, the obvious brutes of the twentieth century, here is a list of all the darling people (all men, I think) who have been responsible for a crap-load of crap; and we would do well to remember that these culprits did not carry out their crimes against the masses without the aid of endless subordinates who, in return for a reward, made it all possible...

Chiang Kai-shek (China: 1928-49)

Enver Pasha (Turkey: 1913-18)

Hirohito (Japan: 1926-89)

Hirota Koki (Japan: 1936-37)

Ho Chi Minh (North Vietnam: 1945-69)

Kim II Sung (North Korea: 1948-94)

Lenin (USSR: 1917-24)

Leopold II (Belgium: 1865-1909)

Nicholas II (Russia: 1894-1917)

Pol Pot (Cambodia: 1975-79)

Saddam Hussein (Iraq: 1969- 2006)

Tojo Hideki (Japan: 1941-44)

Wilhelm II (Germany: 1888-1918)

Yahya Khan (Pakistan: 1969-71)

Idi Amin (Uganda: 1971-80)

Ion Antonescu (Romania: 1940-44)

Ataturk (Turkey: 1920-38)

Francisco Franco (Spain: 1939-75)

Gheoghe Gheorghiu-Dej (Romania: 1945-65)

Yakubu Gowon (Nigeria: 1966-76)

Radovan Karadzic (Serbian Bosnia: 1991-96)

Babrac Kemal (Afghanistan: 1979-87)

Le Duan (Vietnam: 1976-86)

Haile Mengistu (Ethiopia: 1974-91)

Benito Mussolini (Italy: 1922-43)

Ante Pavelic (Croatia: 1941-45)

Antonio de Salazar (Portugal: 1932-68)

Hadji Suharto (Indonesia: 1967-97)

Tito (Yugoslavia: 1945-80) Courtesy; Twentieth Century Atlas - Most Evil Dictators


It’s not death itself that bothers me so much; it’s the terrifying emotional state that the victim must have endured prior to dying. As you scan the list, try to visualize the participants lives and deaths as singular. Try to imagine the amount of suffering that one person might have imposed on another prior to his victims’ soul leaving his body (during the Holocaust, perhaps). Next, imagine the perpetrator of this violence lamenting with callous justification that he was “just acting on orders.” Try then to understand that even if this is the truth, karma will still have to be balanced. Whatever emotion man has subjected another to has to be felt by the “doer” at some future moment unless “instant karma” prevailed. For example, picture being a scared witless soldier in the Battle of Verdun in 1916 France who snuck up behind a faceless enemy and shot him in the head cleanly and he died immediately (and that was the only horrible thing you did in your life), and then someone shot you in the head immediately afterward. This is instant karma, which means you don’t come back in another lifetime in order to feel the effects on the emotions you bestowed on your brethren. That is, the enemy soldier’s death was instant and so was your karma that followed.

When I first read this list—imagining the individual karma that would have been triggered, I had to smoke a cigarette before I could finish it…

World War Two: 1937/39-1945, death toll c. 55 million

China: Mao Zedong's Regime 1949-1976, death toll (including famine) c. 40 million

USSR: Stalin's regime 1924-53, death toll (including Word War Two-era atrocities) c. 20 million

World War One: 1914-1918, death toll, c. 15 million

Russian Civil War: 1918-1921, death toll c. 8 million

China Warlord and Nationalist Era: 1917-1937, death toll c. 4 million

Congo Free State: 1900-1908, death toll c. 3 million

Korean War: 1950-1953, death toll c. 3 million

Second Indochina War: 1960-1975, death toll c. 3 million

Chinese Civil War: 1945-1949, death toll c. 2.5 million

German expulsions after World War Two: 1945-1947, death toll c. 2 million

Second Sudanese Civil War: 1983-1999, death toll c. 2 million

Congolese Civil War: 1998-1999, death toll c. 1.7 million

Cambodia Khmer Rouge regime: 1975–1979, death toll c 1.6 million

Afghan-Soviet War: 1980-1989, death toll c. 1.5 million

Ethiopian Civil Wars: 1962-1992, death toll c. 1.4 million

East Pakistan Massacres: 1971, death toll c. 1.2 million

Mexican Revolution: 1910-1920, death toll c. 1 million

Iran-Iraq War: 1980-1988, death toll c. 1 million

Nigeria Biafra Revolt: 1967-1970, death toll c. 1 million

Rwandan massacres: 1994, death toll c. 1 million

(Not quite finished)…

…The combined death toll of The Mozambique Civil War 1976-1992, The French Algerian War 1954-1962, The First Indo-China War 1945-1954, The Angolan Civil war 1975-1994, The First Sudanese Civil War 1955-1972, The Indonesia Massacre of the Communists 1965-1966, The Spanish Civil War 1936-1939, The Somalia Bloodbath 1991-1999, The North Korea Communist Regime 1948-1999, is about 6 million.

The grand total of the number of humans who have been killed as result of politics/war alone in the twentieth century is about one hundred and seventy-five million. And the suffering that a huge percentage of the victims endured prior to their lives being extinguished, was doubtless fucking hideous.

(My son reminded me after reading the above section that the numbers are quite likely a great deal higher.)


We live in a world designed by 'the divine' for a divine purpose. We live in world of “opposites”. The only reason I know what love is is because I have experienced hate. I only know what silence is because I know what noise is. I wouldn’t know what hope was unless I knew the meaning of despair. Nothing would have any significance without the existence of its opposite. We learn through trial and error in a world of duality, it’s the curriculum of physical existence and so without shame I can tell you that over myriads of lifetimes, I have most certainly been; one, some, most, or all of the following. So have you:

Adulterous, amoral, bigoted, bitter, brutal, callous, cruel, corrupt, dangerous, depraved, devious, dishonest, disloyal, deceitful, homicidal, inhuman, menacing, merciless, murderous, odious, prejudice, ruthless, sadistic, threatening, unethical, unfair, unforgiving, underhanded, unfaithful, unprincipled, unreliable, unscrupulous, untrustworthy, traitorous, treacherous, treasonous, violent, and vicious. And I told you that, to tell you this: How-so-ever we have treated others, in this life or in lifetimes prior, will be karmically duplicated here on Earth, and if you watch the news tonight and find yourself thinking, “What a fucked-up planet this is,” know this: What you see is just mans karmic debt fulfilling itself, and in many ways this should be a bit of a relief.

If one were to research specific statistics concerning the activities of man over the last one hundred years (going further back in time might be too much of a mind fuck), it is easy to see that the karma planet Earth has to accommodate is rather, how can I put it? substantial. In the twentieth century alone, how many of us have been murdered? How many of us have been starved to death? How many of us have been tortured? How many of us have been treated as slaves? How many of us have been deceived, mutilated, and discarded? How many of us have been held hostage, prostituted, raped and sodomized and made to perform acts of degradation so appalling, that recovery is a distant prospect? Mind-bogglingly many. We are our past.We have all led hundreds if not thousands of lives, and we are our future, which means that you and I have been both the inflictors of pain and the recipients of it.

We in the Western world are fed by a live giant organism known as the media, which exercises little restraint because the endorsement of (almost) unlimited freedom allows it autonomy. This has its advantages and disadvantages, and as we stare at the news in bewilderment, we might be inclined to think the world is utterly screwed and getting worse, and so we change the channel to lighten the mood and some reality show sedates us. Nothing will be forgotten, though. It will just get buried in our collective psyche and slowly build to toxic levels and then seep into our lives. If we permit fear to stagnate our minds, we will be robbing ourselves of our own potential. It is the minds of the witnesses, you and me, who, karma-free, are able to create whatever we want with our minds and it’s our mission to build a better world. The time is upon us whereby a large slice of the world’s population (America) had better understand quickly that, with fear and uncertainty running through it, the mind will manifest physically and outwardly more of what it created internally. It is only with a fearless peaceful mind that one is able to rise up and attract back into this world more of the same thing. (I get to this in another essay) Understanding the spiritual truth underlying the karmic dramas that spew forth from our TVs and devices is mandatory. Clarity frees the mind; only those who are still enslaved by their ego-mindonly those who have not yet been able to reach a mental space of inner peace, who have not awakened enough to witness their negative thoughts—cause physically what has already been created mentally. And what has been created physically, will, good or bad, be duplicated because the unrelenting karmic Law of Cause and Effect is something from which no one escapes.

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