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Prize winning short memoir published in the 2016 Fish Anthology

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The Bad Seed

"A society that willfully insists upon innocence as the noblest of virtues and worships innocence at its altars in Orlando, Anaheim and on Sesame Street, will be unable to see any seed of any kind unless it is sugar coated..." Courtesy: James Hillman

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World Weary

You too might have to smoke a cigarette before reading this list...

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Devil? Ego-mind?

I find it extraordinary that anyone who has achieved some sort of illumination through rejecting the monotheistic theology of good-versus-evil can still choose to look at any part of creation, including and especially the mind of human beings, as perversions of what God originally intended.

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The Waking Dead

Robotic bugs blend into a cockroach society." Gurdjieff, a Sufi mystic, maintained that man was a machine, awake but asleep. I understood this observation immediately.

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The Veil: Divine Memory Loss

“If life is a game, these are the rules: You will receive a body. You will be presented with lessons. There are no mistakes, only lessons. A lesson is repeated until learned. Learning does not end. "There" is no better than "here". Others are only mirrors of you. What you make of your life is up to you. All your answers lie inside of you. You will forget all of this at birth.”
— Chérie Carter-Scott

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A Larger Idea of Spirit

The other night I watched a documentary about teen pregnancies in America. The commentator spoke of the grim statistics which said that a thousand babies are born daily from mother’s who themselves are still teenagers. The cameraman followed a young couple around their trailer, panning in on their defeated expressions with the intent on giving […]

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How To Find What Makes You Special

In order to find out what makes you special, it is wise to consider a spiritual perspective than enlarges “who you are” just by the dictates of its tenets.

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A Possible Past Life?

This is a fictional and disturbing account of an actual historical event: The burning of the Second Temple. Do not read it if you are squeamish and know that it was difficult to write.
I have published it because I believe it is important that we understand how brutal the past was in order to understand (comparatively) how great the present is.

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A Short Essay... The Dawkins Delusion

Author, Oxford University Professor and biological evolutionist, Richard Dawkins foresaw the inevitable retort to his book The God Delusion and addressed it. “The God that Dawkins doesn’t believe in is a God that I don’t believe in either. I don’t believe in an old man in the sky with a long white beard.” Dawkins says […]

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The Sun Has Got His Hat On

A short story Bantry Bay, Southern Ireland, the center of a small swarm. There were people everywhere, poets, writers, tourists, fiddle makers, all feeling the warmth they had forgotten they missed. The sun displayed itself in the faces of those whose mood was affected most by its miraculous appearance: The lady running the sweetshop looked […]

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Flash Fiction... The Fortunate Chicken

Irma in the photo is the Fortunate Chicken. She was rescued by a delightful man I met in St. Augustine, Florida. She was still inside her shell when Hurricane Irma blew through. She hatched a few days later and lived happily ever after. Her siblings did not.

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Free Book Promotion

The premise of this promotion is that during ones spiritual journey as a seeker, the right book comes at the right time. This was the case for me every step of the way. So…….

1) Just pick 3 numbers (block, shelf, book)

2) Using the Comments Section at the bottom of this post, let me know the numbers you have picked, along with your email address. (I do not share any information with anyone.)

3) I will pull the book that matches your number selection and mail it to you. (Home, office or P.O box.)

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How to Get Peace of Mind in Life

You don’t get peace of mind, you summon it. Peace of mind is an internal choice which is not necessarily related to outside events taking shape the way you hope.

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How Happiness Affects Health

It is an advantage to remember when trying to work out the spiritual basics of our existence here on planet Earth, that God, (the designer) did not create a random, unfathomable reality for us to live in, or some might say, survive in.

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How To Be Positive All The Time

You cannot expect to be positive all the time if you are lax at harnessing your thought-life. To be positive all the time you must clear the murky contents of your mind which will turn to fog if you don’t.

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How To Stay Positive Even In Hard Times?

In order to stay positive in hard times, you have to become aware that by controlling your thoughts and being positive in hard times, you are able to upgrade your future experience, therefore eliminating the hard times you wish to escape.

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How to be a Good Friend

You won’t know how to be a good friend unless you know what motivates you. To be a good friend, you will have to become aware of your own conditioning.

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What To Do When You Feel Depressed?

If you feel like you are near to attempting suicide, do not read this. Check into hospital. Do it now. Nothing I say will be able to help if your thoughtlife is that out of whack. It’s okay, it’s not easy being human. Best of luck, and if you do not make it this time around there are plenty more opportunities in your eternal future.

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What is the Difference Between Happiness and Contentment?

The difference between happiness and contentment is that happiness is the result of something occurring in your external world that you approve of. Outer stimuli is necessary for happiness to occur.  Contentment is the result of your inner-world pleasing you. For your inner-world to be pleasing your thoughtlife must be subject to regulation by the […]

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How to be Happy Again

If you are unhappy, consider this: you do not know why you were born let alone the purpose of your earthly existence, generally. You have no idea who you are, what you are, where you are, where you are going, why you are doing it, or how ‘the doing’ happens. 

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5 Insanely Simple Ways to Live Life to the Fullest

First, a sample of what your day might look like if you’ve got your shit together… You wake up to the sound of the alarm and fend off the dog who is ecstatic you are awake. You let him outside and then check your phone and email for messages because what good is a message […]

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Words of Affirmation for Friends

Mark Twain once said he could live for two months on a good compliment. We all love to hear words of affirmations and they traditionally come in the form of pleasantries

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Words of Encouragement From God

What would God tell you if He felt you needed some words encouragement, which you do, all the time.

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