Devil? Ego-mind?

Sarah Tirri
January 7, 2020

Many who have freed themselves from the monotheistic premise of reality, who don’t believe that it is the devil who is responsible for the havoc that goes on in the mind (the cause) and the world (the effect), have replaced the devil concept with another equally grisly substitute, describing the ego as a self-evolving entity that is not of God but a product of absolute madness and that dwells within all those who have as yet failed to wake up. The prevalent new age belief is that the ego was not supposed to have formed, but it somehow did form a very long time ago and infused itself into our minds. It is the ego that is guilty of creating a brutal and bloody world, and the only way humanity will ever find peace, and in fact, the survival of the human race depends on it, is to extinguish the influence the ego has on our thinking.

I find it extraordinary that anyone who has achieved some sort of illumination through rejecting the monotheistic theology of good-versus-evil can still choose to look at any part of creation, including and especially the mind of human beings, as perversions of what God actually intended. This perception is the antithesis of faith.

A New Age staple: A Course in Miracles has taken the ancient concept of the devil and renamed it “the ego,” spin doctoring a new-but-nevertheless-freaky account of reality as an attempt to make sense of what appears to be a messed up world. But the more I live and the older I get, the more I believe that it is the belief that there is something wrong with the world that skews our perceptions. What ultimately arises from skewed perceptions? Chaos.

The Course in Miracles purports that the “earthly drama” was created by man’s ego alone and that God remains comfortably in Heaven having no part or no interest in the world in which we live, waiting patiently for us to stumble home. The Course speaks of the ego as not designed by God but a product of utter madness, an illusion created by the sick mind of man who has strayed from love. If we believe that man’s current predicament was caused a very long time ago by his ego taking on a life of its own, trapping us in the sickness of it, then thoughts like these must surely arise: God is just a mediocre magician who cannot quite restore the world to what He originally intended. And if we are to believe that God is not in control of everything He created, then most of us are being emotionally raped by a malevolent force that His omnipotence was unable to defeat.

Because I am unable to accept that the life that I am living is an illusion, or to accept that man strayed from God and the God we strayed from is not in control, I rejected The Course as a total work of divinely inspired truth. Nevertheless, I felt that I could benefit from its teachings of “partial truth”. (You will see me use this phrase quite a bit) When one puts aside The Course’s depressing view of reality, one can still profit from its central theme which is this: we must forgive each other for being human, and it is the act of forgiveness alone that allows room for inner peace (the soul) to manifest because judgment has been relinquished.

A Course in Miracles is the channeled work of Helen Schucman, who recorded a staggering discourse on how we should perceive the world and each other in a way that allows for inner peace (the soul) to manifest. The soul is referred to in this framework as the Holy Spirit, and it can be called upon and responds immediately. I heartily agree with this assertion. However, The Course is very difficult to read, and because this is absolute deal breaker for me, I decided to scan my shelves for books that attempted to explain The Course’s meaning in more accessible terms. I read A Return to Love by Marianne Williamson, Daily Mediations For Practicing the Course by Karen Casey, and Understanding A Course in Miracles by D. Patrick Miller.

These students of The Course, who are then cast in the role of teacher, recommend that we mentally disconnect from the illusory world of the ego, which really had no business happening to begin with but did anyway. We must vigilantly attempt to perceive the world from a similar perspective as we would have as a heavenly soul prior to arriving here and the heavenly soul we shall “re-become” after we leave this pointless existence.

I completely understand that there are most certainly times when it is extremely useful to remind ourselves that we are much bigger than we appear now (and if you can manage to do this when your ego is fully engaged, you stand a better chance of diminishing its negative potency); and yes, despite the necessity of stupefaction required for the participation in the physical world, we are actually “more,” but never would I suggest belittling the importance of this ego-structured world. Never would I uphold the profane idea that it was not our soul’s choice to blend its perceptions with that of the ego because that quite simply would be a really flimsy foundation for enlightenment. A Course in Miracles is an exceptional work, and becoming acquainted with its central precept of forgiveness is vitally important, but the lady who claims to have channeled Jesus was still caught up in good-verses-evil theology and so the underpinning of the entire book is tainted.

If Ms. Schucman had inclined towards her soul’s encouragement, she would have seen the ego as divinely inspired. She would have then rejected the blasphemous notion that the ego is a manifestation originating from some arbitrary calamity that afflicted the human mind a very long time ago—unsanctioned by a God who wasn’t powerful enough to prevent it. What a spiritual dilettante Ms. Schuman must have been to believe with conviction that God created the world but didn’t get it quite right. If this too is your belief, you have only deemed God semi-omnipotent, and therefore, the God you believe in is actually rather a fraud and it would be more appropriate that you only refer to Him as God-ish.

In order for man to improve his lot here, he must have complete faith that everything God created has a purpose and that He is sufficiently supreme that any perversions in creation are not possible. Faith in God’s omnipotence must be honored so that man’s destiny can be created. We must dismiss the fearful and outdated good-versus-evil theology, and we must dismiss its replacement, the accidental-ego-theology.

I read A New Earth by Eckhart Tolle which you should too. At first glance I rejected Tolle’s’ view that the ego is un-divine simply because my faith in the magnificence of God’s creation is undamaged. Tolle did however make many lucid observations regarding the human mind which should not be ignored by all those looking to improve theirs.  Eckhart Tolle’s, for the most part, staggeringly good book is of great help to all those who have arrived at the point in their evolution where they possess the transient ability to witness their ego-mind at work from the perspective of the witness.

Tolle suffered. He lived in a haze of anxiety-ridden ceaseless depression, and then he details his sudden egoless encounter with himself that probably saved him from suicide. One evening, lying in bed, he basically snapped and was no longer experiencing life through the perceptions of his ego, but rather, he was seeing life from an expanded awareness, through the perspective of his soul. After this all-of-a-sudden encounter with undiluted illumination, he spent a couple of years, well spent apparently, just sitting around duck ponds marveling at how wonderful everything was. I get this...

There have been many times that I have disengaged my ego to such a point that I have been happy to sit under a palm tree for hours listening to the wind, watching the birds, marveling at the movement of the clouds, and overawed at the complexity of the hydrangea bloom that was changing from pale pink to cobalt blue, reveling in the glory of God’s imagination. During these times, I was free of desire and melancholy. I never thought about the future or the past. I had no particular priorities, no need to read a newspaper to see what the rest of the world was up to, no need to make something happen like running a load of laundry or impressing my husband with a breathtaking new recipe. I had no drive. I just felt a type of mystical peace; but the way I see it, if I had remained in this pure state of grace, I would have remained under that tree, and who knows, I might still be there.

What would happen if the entire population of planet earth was stripped of their ego-mind and required to live without it for a year or two? The answer: The development and progress of civilization on this planet of space and time would come to a grinding halt.

The ego-energy forces evolution, for evolution is ambition, colossal ambition. Evolution is the process of wanting something more, something better, aspiration, desire, change, growth, expansion.  The ego-mind finds fault with everything. This is its job. Finding fault with the present condition is the catalyst that spurs change. The soul sees everything in a perpetual state of beauty, but the ego is the coexisting force than pulses forth the need for more. Civilization happened because God endowed man with an ego. We don’t have to battle our ego. That is not possible or expected. This was an edict my soul issued fervently, assuring me again and again that it was my destiny to fuse my ego-mind with my soul-mind so creative handling of my life would inspire my earthly ambitions. That still small voice continued nudging me: The ego is not the enemy, Sarah. Development is impossible without it. The ego just needs to be integrated. When your ego is aligned with your soul, the ego becomes healthy and, more often than not, subordinate and demure. Think wholeness, integration, and balance. Don’t worry if this sounds like a bummer. When you exit this world and get back to where you came from, the heavenly joys that have been spoken of throughout the ages are once again manifest. No negative ego-driven dramas of the kind we experience here... I fucking hope! It is my belief that we will eventually return to an egoless state of grace, which is our real home, but we are not supposed to spend our whole lives seeking it here. We are here to blend our ego-mind with our soul-mind. What would be the point of this earthly evolution if this were not the case?

We must recognize that creation is perfect, that the world is perfect and human evolution is on course, alive and kicking within divine timing to the demands of the present state of the human aspiration. Ken Carey articulates persuasively the ego’s obligation and pertinence with regards to human affairs. The insights put into words by this author, words I do my best to re-assemble for flow and, by the use of brackets, to amplify for simplicity, speak of the ego and the soul as purposefully created to work in potential harmony. Like me, you may not be able to yet comprehend some of the more complicated metaphysics Carey writes about in his book, Starseed: The Third Millennium Living in a Posthistoric World, but I recommend that those who realize they are in the process of waking up read his words, which are “transmitted” from a source that is instantly recognizable as wisdom: a wisdom that is instantly recognizable as truth, a truth that is instantly reassuring!

Note that in what follows I substitute the word spirit for soul because no dissimilarity exists: “…healthy egos have implicit trust in the spirits’ overview and are therefore guided unerringly through the living matrix of structural information that opens up before them. Their material plane council [their ego] is sought frequently by the stellar spirit who shares the human circuitry with them… As their co-creative expression with spirit matures, the frequency of their exchange quickens until…it requires some effort to distinguish ego from spirit. When in healthy function, the two work together in much the same way as do the mitochondria and the organelles of a human cell. The cell itself is the true entity, rarely considered in terms of its components, and so it is with ego and spirit in the true human… The true human is a partnership of spirit and ego in so rapid and so smooth an energy exchange that, like the components of a cell, they are not normally considered distinct from the entity they together compose. [This is the union] …that completes the incarnation of the Holy Being [God] of which ego and spirit are themselves but parts… This is the union where eternal awareness enters human form to see the world through human eyes.”

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