Free Book Promotion

Sarah Tirri
November 25, 2019

Free Book Promotion

Just pick 3 numbers (block, shelf, & book) Using the Comments Section at the bottom of this post, let me know the numbers you have picked, along with your email address. (I do not share any information with anyone.) I will pull the book that matches your number selection and mail it to you. (Home, office or P.O box.) 


Block 4

Shelf 3

Book 17


Block 1 Shelf 1 Books 1-27

Block 1 Shelf 2 Books 1-34

Block 1 Shelf 3 Books 1-23

Block 1 Shelf 4 Books 1-35

Block 1 Shelf 5 Books 1-20

Block 2 Shelf 1 Books 1-32

Block 2 Shelf 2 Books 1-30

Block 2 Shelf 3 Books 1-25

Block 3 Shelf 1 Books 1-32

Block 3 Shelf 2 Books 1-32

Block 3 Shelf 3 Books 1-32

Block 4 Shelf 1 Books 1-27

Block 4 Shelf 2 Books 1-26

Block 4 Shelf 3 Books 1-30

Block 5 Shelf 1 Books 1-53

Block 5 Shelf 2 Books 1- 47

Block 5 Shelf 3 Books 1- 48

Block 6 Shelf 1 Books 1-45

Block 6 Shelf 2 Books 1-40

Block 6 Shelf 3 Book s 1-40

Block 7 Shelf 1 Books 1-27

Block 7 Shelf 2 Books 1-28

Block 7 Shelf 3 Books 1-26

Block 8 Shelf 1 Books 1-25

Block 8 Shelf 2 Books 1-20

Block 8 Shelf 3 Books 1-20

Block 8 Shelf 4 Books 1-26

Block 8 Shelf 5 Books 1-27

Block 9 Shelf 1 Books 1-21

Block 9 Shelf 2 Books 1-22

Block 9 Shelf 3 Books 1-23

Block 9 Shelf 4a Books 1-15

Block 9 Shelf 4b Books 1- 3

Block 9 Shelf 4c Books 1-16

Block 9 Shelf 5 Books 1- 21

Block 10 Shelf 1 Books 1-25

Block 10 Shelf 2 Books 1-23

Block 10 Shelf 3 Books 1-23

Block 10 Shelf 4 Books 1-23

Block 10 Shelf 5 Books 1-24

My library is eclectic. Each book contains partial truth to some degree, others perhaps more than others. While reading them, I built a belief system resting on this one premise: God is either a God of Magnificence or he isn't. It is my belief that God's plan for the entire human race is so breathtaking in scope and range that you will see yourself in a totally new light. With upgraded faith and confusion swept away, relief will reign supreme as happiness becomes a real prospect.

As you build your belief system, remember this: God is not some second-rate, mediocre tinkerer who is not in control of everything he created. Some religions purport that Satan was a rebellious angel that God had to banish because he had lost control. God is in control of everything he created and Satan is no more real than Mickey Mouse. To understand the nature of good and evil and your place within the grand scheme of things, you might want to read my fantasy sci/fi novel: The Day She Cut God Loose. available on this site or go to Amazon or After reading it, you too will understand why the world world 'appears' to be so messed-up - but really is not. A broader perspective of Spirit will restore your faith to a level which is most useful - and you won't have to spend countless years reading and listening to lectures to form the same conclusions as I.

Included in my library collection are:

Spiritual biographies

Spiritual novels







Conspiracy theories





The premise of this promotion is that during ones spiritual journey as a seeker, the right book comes at the right time. This was the case for me every step of the way.

Let me know if your 'book lottery' improved you in some way.



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