How to be Happy Again

Sarah Tirri
May 11, 2019

If you are unhappy, consider this: you do not know why you were born let alone the purpose of your earthly existence, generally. You have no idea who you are, what you are, where you are, where you are going, why you are doing it, or how ‘the doing’ happens. 

Monotheistic religion has made a stab at telling you about God and how you fit into the grand scheme of things, and you do your best to embrace what you have been told but you are always left with a nagging feeling that there is something you are not getting. You are right. 

To be a human being is no joke, and if you have no idea of what is going on here, how can it feel anything other than an endurance test. Life is full of karmic circumstances that will push you to the limits of your endurance, and life is full of the nonsense we inflict upon ourselves. Often the most difficult thing any of us have to deal with is the mess we inflict upon ourselves.

If you have made the inquiry regarding the attainability of happiness it is because you have already discerned that happiness could be a prospect. You are skeptical though because fleeting pleasure is almost all that you have pursued for so far. You are either exhausted or restless.

Whether you’re an atheist, a Christian, or you believe in the Hindu monkey god, understand this one thing about the nature of reality: It is all Mind. Organizing your perceptions correctly will mean your mind works for you rather than against you. Recognition of this point will ensure you will never be the same. Good. You don’t want to stay the same, this is the reason you are unhappy. 

Ask yourself: Do my thoughts cause my external reality? Do other people’s thoughts cause theirs? Anyone with an ounce of spiritual foresight and the willingness to renounce pride in favor of enlightenment will be able to see that the circumstances of their life were brought on by themselves. If you feel like a victim because you are unable to see your involvement in your life's circumstances, karma from a previous lifetime could be the cause, or your Lifeplan was very ambitious!

If you find yourself flinching when contemplating the above question, know that it is much easier to believe you are a victim of capricious and unidentifiable forces because then you don’t have to take any responsibility for what is happening to you.  

If you believe you are one of life’s victims, and that life is just a crapshoot, you have renounced self-responsibly to the highest degree possible. Should you decide to hold on to this mindset, constructing a better future for yourself will be problematic.

When you are bored with victimhood, and you will notice how bored you are with it at some point, you are ready to take responsibly for your life. Good, you are further along the road to ‘causing’ happiness’ than you ever have been. You must now construct a new spiritual/psychological framework in which to proceed. Embracing the idea that God is a God of Magnificence allows you to experience certain advantages that will be lacking if you see God in the traditionally decaffeinated sense. Again, you can either believe life is random or you can believe it is not. You can either believe in a God of Magnificence and that life has a glorious purpose, or you can believe it is just a depressing accident and you would have been better off not being born. 

Some of you might be inclined to scorn the very idea that there is some creative intelligence responsible for life on Earth while patting yourself on the back for having the presence of mind to reject such a childish idea. I have no idea how you can be happy living within this framework. 

If you don’t know what to believe but you are able to entertain the possibility that there is a transcendental reality underpinning man’s journey here, you have a choice to make. You can either cultivate as an act of will, a level of faith beyond the norm pointing to a God-type who did a mind-blowingly supreme job when creating the human mind, or you can live with your half-baked level of faith and believe that the blueprint for the human mind was limited in scope and range by divine decree. 

Ancient man may have known something about God, but it is likely that he felt so much fear that perceiving God correctly might not have been an easy thing to do. Considering the malevolence and the hostility and the utter wretchedness most human beings endured back then, I suppose everyone who contributed to scripture did rather well. 

If you choose to upgrade your spiritual worldview to incorporate the idea that there is purpose to this often miserable existence, ask yourself: If a God of Magnificence exists, did He create a system in which He endowed human beings with the power to create their reality? (We all live in our own personal bubble of reality alongside those who live theirs.) Or, are human beings sorry and silly little creatures doomed to endure a petty life in a world of temptation they do not understand? 

If you are able to upgrade your level of faith and begin to contemplate what a new spiritual perspective could possibly do for you, you will soon be able to see that whatever or whoever God might be, He created you with the ability and power to shape the experiences and events of your life. At first, you might to want run and hide in the woods. Taking complete responsibly for your life requires a lot more courage than believing you are a victim of unknown and capricious forces. The latter is a very weak position to find yourself in, but one that is obviously very tempting to adopt.

If you believe you are one of life’s victims, the road to happiness will be so full of snares and ugly green trolls that you will likely want to scream. This is because the twists and turns and unfathomable puzzles you will encounter at each bend will make no sense at all.  But a God of Magnificence is patient and knows you will come out of your funk when you are bored with it. A God of Magnificence would surely have created us to live eternally in some shape or form, so it doesn’t matter whether you wake up to how powerful your mind is now, or in three thousand years from now. I suppose it depends on how bored you are with knowing that happiness is possible and you are missing out.

Taking responsibility for what goes on in your mind can at first feel like a lot of pressure, but it is the only way happiness is attainable. The quality of your thought-life is the cause of all your internal (and as a result) external suffering. It’s you. A God of Magnificence initiated the snail-like process of evolution, but as human beings we are now in the position of being able to speed it up!

Thank fuck for that.

We either continue our march forward unconsciously, or we upgrade our ideas about what God did and continue on consciously. But either way, it’s not in God’s hands anymore, it’s in yours. Human beings drive evolution, we are at the helm, and the limited amount of freewill we were endowed with will keep us there until planet Earth is a much more pleasing planet to live on, or not. (If life on planet Earth is more fucked-up for more people in the future, it would have happened as a result of thinking then acting unconsciously.) 

Ask yourself, do you operate your mind or does your mind operate you? If you believe your mind operates you, you are right. It does. But there’s a way around that. Turn your attention inwards. Watch your mind and remember as you do, God is either a God of Magnificence or He isn’t. Be careful what you believe in. If you decide that God is a God of Magnificence, you will find it easier to understand that He created you in His image. You are a microcosm of the macro. As above so below. This is a very important point, and in embracing it you can know you have more power than you have ever had to turn your life completely around.

Remember life is not luck. A God of Magnificence would not have done this to us. Life is not chance. A God of Magnificence would not have done this to us. Life is not a crapshoot. Only a crappy, dilettante God would have done this to us. Adapting your spiritual orientation to the concept that a God of Magnificence is as real as the sun is yellow means your personal evolution is nicely on course. Adaptation advances the fitness and survival of every organism, human beings included…

We can go from survival-of-the-fittest to happiness because-I’m-the-fittest, real fast.

Adapt to a superior way of perceiving God. Remember, you either believe in a God of Magnificent or you don’t. The choice could not be simpler.

An upgraded perspective of what God did must support the concept of evolution. Evolution is now considered by science to be irrefutable. You will evolve into more than you are now. Look at your life so far, you already have.

A God of Magnificence created your mind to be the powerhouse that has propelled you thus far. That’s what God did. Accept how powerful your mind is or succumb the voice in your head which tells you that your thoughts are meaningless, private and impotent.

Extreme-ownership of the kind I’m advocating allows one to formulate the platform that happiness is built on, but extreme ownership sometimes feels like an extreme burden. Again, you can run and hide in the woods and stay there for the next twenty years with your thumb in your mouth. This won’t change a thing. You are called to inspect the contents of your mind more closely, evolution requires it, and your personal evolution is craving it. 

Adapt to a new way of perceiving God. How else are you going to be happy? If you are unhappy it’s because your current belief system is not working.

Karma withstanding, your belief system is the scaffolding around and through which your life unfolds. A belief system which is not allied to the idea (despite outward appearances) that God did a fantastic job is the cause of your suffering.

Once you have reclassified the nature of God, and more importantly what He did, watch what goes on in your mind as often as you can. What goes in in your mind will not impress you. Good. It shouldn’t. Look around at planet Earth. Make the correlation that reality can appear highly negative for a large number of people, you included. Watch your mind and all your negative thoughts. You will eventually arrive at the same conclusion as I. The inner world of man is a mess and as a result - so is the outer world

After a cursory glance, you too will notice that you have two distinct parts to your mind. You have what I have termed the ego-mind or the thinking-mind. It’s likely that the thinking-mind is what the ancients used to refer to as the devil.  Some modern Christians still do. The thinking-mind is our default setting. God designed it. Why? Disengaging it is the only way consciousness consciously emerges on planet Earth, and the only way evolution proceeds positively. 

You have a calm, wise element to your mind. This is often referred to as the still-small-voice. The still-small-voice does not feel like the everyday attack thoughts that cause all your suffering. The still-small-voice gives you the intuitive knowledge you need to ease your pain.

Suffering is often the name of the game on planet Earth and until you consciously override your inner programming, you will suffer too. By refocusing your attention inward, you find a still-small-voice. When you focus your attention on the still-small-voice you will hear what it tells you. Again, it won’t sound like the rambling everyday onslaught delivered to you by your thinking-mind. The still-small-voice is likely the voice that Jesus tapped into and became fully-aligned with. Was this what Jesus meant when he said he was abiding in his Father’s House?

Once you have found this internal place of peaceful awareness, even once, you will be hell-bent on recapturing it. It will become an addiction. Good. An addiction to the internal place of peaceful awareness is better than being addicted to heroin or shopping for shit you don’t need.

The Mind of Ego Driven Thinking and The Mind of Pure Awareness make up the two components of your internal operating system. Make the distinction between them and you will see what makes you smile and what causes you to whimper. Now the hard work begins. Don’t groan or run for the woods. There is no hiding place. A new you is emerging. This should make you very happy, you did not like the old you.

Remember this; a God of Magnificence designed you with a thinking-mind which can be extremely challenging if left to run itself, which it will. It will lead you around by the nose for the rest of your life if you allow it.  You will know when your thinking-mind is up and running, it feels like you have a chimpanzee in your head and the clamor can be unbearable. You might seek alcohol, valium, pot, or worse, for treatment, but the reprieve will only be fleeting, and you will have to deal with hangovers, weight gain, fatigue, self-condemnation and the nagging feeling that you are a useless flake.

The only way happiness is attainable is to shut down the continuous uploading of your thinking-mind by diverting your attention inward. You will only be able to do this briefly and incrementally at first, but it is during these brief moments that you are conscious. To be conscious is to glimpse happiness, and then… Then you can choose what you think about and turn your life around completely.

Accept that your thoughts are the creative powerhouse of all architectural potential and your future unfolds because of them. Remember, if a God of Magnificence is real, then He would have created you with the potential to be magnificent too. Why would He not have done?

Watch your mind for a week. The first step towards evolving into a being capable of experiencing happiness is dependent upon you doing this. Don’t pretend your thoughts are rosy and peachy when they are not. Don’t be embarrassed to admit that if someone else were witnessing the contents of your mind, they would cringe and so would you. Yeah, you would cringe. You know it. You have done.

Understand that a large batch of your thinking is of a very poor quality. Understand your thinking-mind loves to bitch, whine, complain, and blame. Your thinking-mind blames God; it blames the devil, your parents, your employer, and your childhood circumstances. It blames external reality in all its forms, and you are not all you could be because of it. You can be all you could be, but you will have to take full responsibly for your thinking in order to be. If your life is messy, it’s because your thoughts are messy.

By taking a brief look at human history, you will get an indication that man’s external reality is nothing more than the sordid thoughts that manifested from the unseen (mind). Any good that has occurred in man’s evolution to date, and there has been plenty of it, was a result of man consciously aligning his mind with the still-small-voice of pure awareness that gave him the impetus to strive for more goodness, more harmony and more love. 

You will know when you are attuned to the still-small-voice, it will tell you to go out and do something nice for someone else. Any stranger will do. Watch you mind after you have handed the homeless man a $20 bill. Thoughts like these will appear: “I am worthy of my existence after-all and I like who I am. I will always reap what I sow and I am glad about it.” You will know when your thinking-mind is at the helm, it will say something like, “Fuck the homeless guy, he should get a fucking job. WTF, and why doesn’t he take a fucking shower.”

The point I am about to make bypasses the stairs and dumps you on the platform the rest of your life can be built on.  When your attention is rested upon the present moment, the still-small-voice will reveal through your intuition just what your life’s purpose is. Not knowing your purpose is a hugely significant contributor to your unhappiness. 

If you are fortunate enough to be living in America, leave the Continent and visit the third-world parts of the globe. I did this for five years straight. Knowing the conditions the average human being has to deal with makes gratitude for what you have here and now a mindset that you will want to retain. Gratitude causes the cessation of negative thinking. The thinking-mind would never offer up gratitude, it would only bring to your attention all the dirty laundry all around you.

To consciously establish a grateful mindset is the key to abundance. To whom is much is given, much will be supplied. To whom nothing is given, more will be taken. 

A grateful mindset draws into your reality more to be grateful for. Watch your mind and know that any time you are grateful for anything you have done yourself a million favors. I have traveled around the world; I have seen the daily nightmares that other people endure. I have seen my own mind and what I have endured because of it. I have looked at countless history books: it appears to me that mankind to date has miscalculated things very badly. I was born in England and I am now an American citizen. America might not be perfect, but from what I’ve seen we are nearer to becoming perfect than any other nation on Earth. This is why so many people want to come here. 

Be grateful for being on American soil. This mindset will allow you feel and attract happiness. The thinking-mind will you tell you that America is one flawed, corrupt system, a patriarchal hierarchy with tyranny at the top and a load of displaced people at the bottom. The American way of life is not perfect, but life in America is worth gratitude. To be grateful as often as you can means the still-small-voice is guiding you. 

You will not draw in a better quality of experience if you are aligned with the thinking-mind which does nothing but bitch and whine, and complain. The thinking-mind finds fault with everything. It finds one egregious situation to confirm its fears and your external reality will quickly correspond to what your mind has drawn in. Gratitude is the trick to preventing this. Upgrade your beliefs about what God did and it will soon become second nature to notice more than you ever have before. Why? Because your awareness is fully installed. Watch your life improve as a result. It will, very quickly.

Finally, never ever be unkind to yourself, ever, even if you have fucked things up really badly. The human journey is an extremely challenging one and you are courageous for even agreeing to participate. I do not believe in the concept of the devil, but if I did, I bet you self-condemnation would be the weapon he would use to try and break you.

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