How To Be Positive All The Time

Sarah Tirri
September 9, 2019

A question only the spiritually ambitious ask.

You cannot expect to be positive all the time if you are lax at harnessing your thought-life. To be positive all the time you must clear the murky contents of your mind which will turn to fog if you don’t. Once you have noticed that your mind is polluted with low-grade thinking - and might have been for a while, it shouldn’t surprise you at all to know that your external reality is and will continue to be comprised of low-grade scenarios that only refocusing your attention can rid you of.

Most people believe that in order to be positive all the time, your external reality must be golden. But in order to re-calibrate your external reality, you have to think golden. Only then will your external reality change. Only then will it be easier for you to be positive all the time.

When you finally understand you are mentally responsible for creating the reality in which you dwell, but you are not taking the appropriate steps to purify your thinking, you will go around the same old mountain - over and over again - lifetime after lifetime if you are that closed off to the internal Spirit that dwells within and is waiting to be heard.

If you remain frozen, disappointed in your performance, it is because you are identifying with the scalding voice in your head that tells you that you are a flake. You are not a flake, you are just on the verge of a breakthrough, that’s all. It could have been centuries in the making. Well done.

Your daily task now is to eat well, exercise, sleep well, hydrate and restrain your thinking-mind. If you are employed, focus on doing the best job you can, if you manage this, you can be sure you are aligned with your soul-mind thinking. Your task for evermore will be to cast out the low-grade thoughts and replace them with specific and deliberate thoughts. I am now going to recount three separate instances where I noticed my mind and what it was doing…

Number 1

I was experiencing a long delay in Miami’s International Airport. When I knew I would not be boarding a plane for another nine hours, it was as if an infestation had taken place in my head. My mind was full of thoughts that began laying out for me every possible scenario there was to gripe about. It was as if my own mind was egging me on to revolt. Fortunately, I was somewhat experienced at retrieving control of my thinking, but it was a battle and the to-ing and fro-ing that took a while to overcome went something like this:

Thinking-mind: This fucking sucks. What the fuck! Nine fucking hours! Are you fucking kidding!

Soul-mind: It could be worse, take your mind back. Maputo International Airport Mozambique 1991. Remember? You were marooned in that ghastly airport, there was a civil war going on all around you—gunfire less than a mile away, no air-conditioning, nowhere to find a cocktail, no knowledge of Portuguese, no one to talk to—just a pouty soon-to-be ex-boyfriend, nowhere to buy insect repellent, nothing to read, no IPad, nowhere to sit, ongoing intermittent diarrhea and no Imodium. I won’t even remind you about the state of the toilets or what the man was doing in the stall next to you. This is Miami! It has his and hers bathrooms and plenty of toilet paper. There is a bartender right across from you ready to pour you a cool glass chardonnay, you can buy a magazine, listen to some music, people-watch, do a few lunges. It could be a lot worse, you know that!

Thinking-mind: What fucking shit this is. Don’t even bother looking at the fucking clock, and don't bother thinking about boarding the plane. Jesus, it’s probably still in fucking Chicago.

Soul-mind: Sarah.. Relax. You just left a five-star hotel, you've been horse riding in the surf, zip-lining through the jungle, kayaking in the pacific—all without the constraints of a budget. Other mums are not as fortunate as you. Perhaps a nine hour delay is not all that bad. It beats the hell out of raising five kids in a trailer without a washer and a drier.

Thinking-mind: Who cares? And you know what, if that fucking kid doesn’t turn his music down, I will pull his headphones right out of his ears.

Soul-mind: Sarah, just move. Look to your right. There’s no one sitting by gate 15. You can stretch out. 

Thinking-mind: Why the fuck should I have to move. I was here first.

Soul-mind: Sarah, he’s a kid. He’s probably had a long day, too. Why don’t you offer him one of those packs of Oreos you’ve got in your handbag? You’re not going to eat them. 

Thinking-mind: Why should I? I’ll never see him again and sugar will make his acne worse. And if his baby brother doesn’t stop howling I'll shoot myself.

Soul-mind: If you shoot yourself Sarah, you will be reborn and have to do it over again. Now, switch perceptions: When you get home, your husband will have put roses and chocolates next to your bed and your dogs will go ballistic at the sight of you.

Thinking-mind: Get home! I’ll bet some warning light has just appeared in the cockpit and the Captain has grounded the fucking plane. I’ll be sitting here all night.

Soul-mind: Come on. This is a good chance for some one-on-one time with your kids; they’ll have their heads in their video games before you know it.

My thinking-mind bitched and complained a bit more, but soon lost its oomph. My soul-mind now had the reins and was governing my perceptions without any further interruptions from my thinking-mind. Now my mind was calm. Now I was wide awake. Now I was aware and very present.

The voice of your thinking-mind may often be so dominant that the still- small-voice of the soul-mind seems extinguished, but eventually and with a little patience you will feel it assume dominion in a way that changes how you feel about your circumstance. You may regress again, because the thinking-mind has a lot of practice expressing itself, but the soul-mind can come to the rescue, embracing and accepting but overriding your thinking-mind when it unexpectedly and mutinously takes the reins. Your soul-mind will do this time and time again if it has to. Your soul-mind is the still-small-voice. Identification with still-small-voice is the only way you can expect to be positive all the time.

Number 2

A few years ago I was driving my daughter to her volleyball practice thirty miles away. It was a breezy Florida evening, and my window was down. I was approaching an enormous lake surrounded by ancient cypress trees dripping in Spanish moss. The span of choppy grey water reminded me a little of Scotland’s Loch Ness, but with alligators not monsters. I wasn’t following a dump truck, which seemed to be the norm on this road, and there was nothing else blocking my view ahead. As the panorama I had been anticipating began opening up, I glanced at the clock and realized I was running late. Without hesitation, my Thinking-mind began composing a stream of reactive responses based on its prediction that the coach would confront me with her usual military tone, issuing sermons about commitment, responsibility, obligation, and setting a good example, etc. etc. The coach’s voice came alive within me, and I pictured her waiting for me with her hands on her hips. My Thinking-mind began to rehearse and refine its defensive rebuttal based on every thought I have ever had about the reasonableness of being occasionally late, as well as the great sacrifices that I was making, justifying vehemently that my track record is mostly very good. I had prepared my discourse to roll off my tongue with eloquence, and my Thinking-mind anticipated several alternative responses from her and countered them all in a haughty tone—ideal for impact. This hideous mental distraction lasted a minute or two, enough time to ensure that I missed seeing the intense purple/pink reflection of the sunset upon the water. I hadn’t noticed the scent of the orange blossom wafting from the enormous grove and carried by a breeze that I hadn’t felt on my skin either, and my favorite Santana tune was fading out and I hadn’t even heard it. I had literally missed my own life.

When we arrived at the gymnasium, the coach was busy cranking up the net surrounded by her army of helpers and didn’t notice us sneak in. All the mental analysis and the “menu” of responses that my thinking-mind had calculated were totally unnecessary. If my thinking-mind had not so instantly and intensively engaged, I would have been aware of that ‘still small voice’ of my soul. I doubt whether it would have advised such extensive mental preparation for such a pathetically inconsequential occurrence.

Number 3

It was a Wednesday, a Wednesday just like any other Wednesday except on this Wednesday my thinking-mind was in the preliminary stages of creating a future that if I didn’t snap out of it, would come to pass, and even though I knew this, I was powerless to stop my thinking-mind’s incessant drive to find fault with my outer world and it was focusing on my husband who had been in my line of sight all morning. My thinking-mind was pinning upon him an incalculable myriad of petty accusations totaling as a spread sheet which didn’t have any check-marks in the ‘happily married column’. 

An endless stream of data justifying why my marriage was beyond repair and why I would not be happy if I remained in it, dominated awareness. This went on relentlessly for hours. My thinking-mind had compiled a rap-sheet of my husband’s “crimes” by firstly dragging up misdemeanors from the past and then I added to it more recent infractions, which could only mean one thing: My husband and I had twenty good years together but wouldn’t make into a third decade. By now my thoughts were so intense that they had morphed into mental images of a future life without him in it.

I was actually conscious of my thoughts, and did see them as impostors superimposing themselves over my true feelings, and I understood very well what part of my mind was generating them, but I could not regain control, my focus was too weak and I felt like an outside entity had me in its possession. I kept trying to recover the still-small-voice of my soul-mind knowing that it would instantly affirm how much my husband meant to me—my lover—my partner in crime—my baby daddy—the man I would love for all eternity and would willingly die for, but I could only hear it momentarily before my thinking-mind once again insisted that I was deceiving myself in a spineless bid to avoid the truth that my marriage was in its death throes.

Brief interludes of lucidity came and went, and during them I could hear my soul-mind attempt to bring me back, Don’t do this to yourself, Sarah. Come on. It’s okay. It’s all okay, you know what’s happening, these thoughts do not belong to the real you, don’t give them the time of day. Go and give your husband a big sloppy kiss and ask him to take you out to dinner. Let him choose the restaurant.

I did neither; instead, I dimmed the lights and lay on my bed, my dogs followed me in. I tried to regain mental focus and when the voice of my soul-mind left my awareness, I would bring it back again. I did this over and over again, but my thinking-mind (ego-mind) was so dominant that it kept re-rearing its ugly nature with thoughts like, Get your head out of the sand. Face facts, Sarah. You are unhappy and you know it. 

I couldn’t take it anymore and threw my hands up and screamed to the heavens through gritted teeth, “Can someone fucking help me?” My dogs instantly sprang up from the floor and jumped onto the bed with flat ears and motionless tails. They hate it when I’m upset and they began ingratiating themselves. I now had their well being to tend to. I stroked their ears and kissed their heads and they sighed their doggy sighs of contentment. Soon we all began to relax. It was 2.29pm. and the spell was finally broken. Eckhart Tolle believes we all live with a “Pain Body” He might well be right.

How do you be positive all the time? Control your mind. You will get better at it. I did, although there are some days when I still suck at it, especially when I am pre-menstrual! Your mind has two components to it: Ego and Divine. It is very helpful to know this.

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