How To Find What Makes You Special

Sarah Tirri
December 31, 2019

In order to find out what makes you special, it is wise to consider a spiritual perspective than enlarges “who you are” just by the dictates of its tenets.

Consider this: You have lived before, died before, and spent a lot of time in-between somewhere else other than Earth. Who knows the metaphysics behind all of that, but who cares, there are more important things to focus on: Namely, how do I make this life work for me.

In order to make this life work for you, it is an advantage to know that you have had lifetimes in which you have been a warrior, a ballerina, a clown, a gravedigger, an entrepreneur, a prince, a pioneer, a blacksmith, a general and a slave - to mention just a mere few. It is also quite likely that you have been a murderer and a rapist. You might have been part of the Inquisition and are now paying the karmic debt that is demanded by the God that set up this system of justice. There is no point deceiving yourself. Look back at man’s bloody, brutal history and acknowledge that you might not have always been a saint. So what! You are still special and sometimes a lifetime built around the ego’s need for power and dominance is when we learn more than we might have done when we have floated through a very comfortable one.

My point is this: You have embedded within your consciousness everything that made you you, good and bad. What’s key now is to work out what all this experience has led to. In other words, what did you require of yourself in this lifetime? It’s in your Lifeplan, and you have access to that. Remember, you will more easily recognize your specialness when you upgrade your spiritual worldview.

How Do I Find My Uniqueness?

You find your uniqueness by exploring what it is that you are good at. What you are good at would have been written in your Lifeplan if that is what you wanted to experience. You had a huge say in what went into your Lifeplan before you were born. The life that you are living now is happening because you chose it.

The knowledge of what is in your Lifeplan more easily surfaces, often as a direct revelation, after you have asked. Ask and thou shalt receive is the most significant thing you can do when attempting to work out what makes you unique.

Quiet your mind, know that God, the Universe, the Powers-that-be, the Holy Spirit, your Higher-self, your Cosmic-self...whatever you want to call it, is part of your human constitution and therefore this aspect of yourself is available for consultation, guidance and assistance. But know this: assistance and guidance will not be forced upon your everyday consciousness, you have to ask first (summon it) such is the (limited) nature of freewill.

If you don’t believe you are good at anything, stop listening to your ego-mind, because not only will it tell you that you are not good at anything, it will tell you that you are a fool to think you might be important enough to be unique. (Read my other articles regarding the ego-mind. I have a lot to say about it because I have been watching my own ego-mind lead me around by the nose for a very long time.)

You might not yet be be aware of this, but you are unique, you have gifts and talents that can be known just by the simple act of quieting your mind and asking. Life was not necessarily designed to be a struggle, but if you listen to what your ego-mind says on the subject, it might be.

Ask this: “What makes me unique?” and go to sleep. Be patient and keep your mind still whenever you can, and as often as you can. Answers will come. Trust that. The Creator of the system in which we live, does not get a kick out of watching you flounder. Help is available every time you ask for it, and I suspect when you do, all those on the other side of the veil are whooping with delight.

By contrast with who you used to be, become spiritually superior. I am talking here about recognizing your magnificence by understanding your spiritual heritage, and then, acting it out, quietly, with no fanfare, just confidence. Putting on a show to impress others is a sign of weakness, I did it myself for a while, until I released that a quiet, low-key strength speaks for itself.

How Do I Find My Best Qualities?

You find your best qualities by coming to terms with the bigger picture of who you are. Everything you have ever done is part of what makes you you and is housed in your subconscious mind. If you led a life as a gifted pianist in a past life, prior to being born you might have decided that this knowledge be withheld so as not to repeat past experiences.


It could be that what you were good at in a previous existence has some bearing on what makes you unique in this lifetime. This is when you trust your inner guidance. Trust that you are gifted in some way, and even if you have not yet realized that you have a gift or a talent or a proclivity, it might mean that some sort of divine-timing is at play. I did not realize I was able to express myself using the written word until I was 33. There must have been a reason for this. This is what happened: I was on my knees praying one night, beseeching God to show me what it was I was missing in the midst of having it all. God responded and my book Is This The Best God Could Do? was born. In it, I deconstruct the tenets of Christianity and you can download for free if you like. If you don’t feel like reading it, just know this: Ask and thou shalt receive is life-changing scripture. Your best qualities will become evident by the simple but potent act of asking.

Again; If you decide to ask (pray) for the type of knowledge that propels you forward on your spiritual journey (you are on one whether you like it or not), the floodgates will open; they cannot stay closed at this point. You will understand what your best qualities are very quickly after that. You will feel lighter and brighter because seeing yourself through the eyes of the soul-mind has that effect. Do not listen to the negative harkening of your ego-mind which operates in opposition to your soul. It will tell you all sorts of stories regarding how inadequate you are. Just override it by being and remaining conscious. Tell yourself that you are amazing and then wait for the Universe to confirm just how amazing.

Unless you have degenerated pitifully (you are unlikely to be reading this if you have) you are already of good character to some degree. Who you have been is already within you and you have been a lot. Don’t see yourself as small, or new, or insignificant, or lowly by comparing yourself to God or his angels or his saints, because it is likely that you are on the journey towards becoming an angel yourself! And who knows what we are evolving into after that. I’m serious... you only have to look at how we have come to know how far we are going.

Upgrade the parameters of your spiritual story. We are all evolving. You don’t need a postage stamp view, you need a panoramic view.  If you believe this is your first life and that all that comes after is a boring heaven or a frightening hell, or a final extinction, you have got a very small story going on. This could very well ensure that all the good character traits that are already within you, remain un-honored. This would be a shame, but don’t worry about it, you will be born again into another life of your choosing at some point after this lifetime ends, and then you can pick up where you left off.

There is no boring heaven, or frightening hell, or the finality of extinction. A God of Magnificence would not have done that to us. Read my post: Words of Encouragement from God to get an idea of what the Christian idea of heaven might look like.

Remember, even if so far you think you have fucked-up your life up really badly, it could be that you chose to go through a lot of shit because you are an advanced soul. This is a very important point. Before being born, you might have wanted very badly to help make the world a better place by teaching. You went through all that you went through because you had to be able relate to others. Now you can. 

What Are Some Traits Of Good Character?

One is often only able to cultivate good character traits because one has embodied the less than stellar ones and now knows the difference in terms of the effect they have on one’s life.

Anyway, a really good character trait is to cultivate meekness by realizing that within the grand scheme of things, you know very little even if you pride yourself on knowing a lot. By remaining meek, you safeguard your  journey by preventing the ego from hijacking your spirituality. This once happened to me and it was no joke.

Another good character trait is to be flexible and ready to change your worldview when you realize you might have been mistaken - even if it has been for a very long time. The ego-mind will not like it but nor does it care for your spiritual advancement. Keep Sam Harris’s arresting quote embedded in your peripheral hearing and summon it when you feel pride might be lurking: “I don’t want to be wrong a moment longer than I have to be.” You should meditate on this injunction as often as you can because stale dogma that has outlived its usefulness weakens everything man is striving for. What should man be striving for collectively? An enlightened world to live in.

What Makes A Person Popular Or Admirable?

Fame, money and power can make a person important in the eyes of many. We have all had lifetimes centered around the themes of fame, money and power and not necessarily in one go. Donald Trump chose all three themes and is living out the implication of doing so in this lifetime. He is a brave and ambitious soul. Being President of the United States of America would have been written into his Lifeplan. There are no accidents of this magnitude. There are no accidents, period. I am a patriot of this great country and its President has my support as a human being, even if I don’t agree with every decision he makes, or even 90% of them.

Wanting to be popular is a yearning of the ego, and there is nothing wrong with that, if that is what you wanted to experience prior to being born. Life is about experience. As unfathomable as it is for most of us, some souls choose to be born with what are known as birth defects. (I recount Tim’s story in my novel: The Day She Cut God Loose.)

Wanting to be admired is a yearning of the ego, and there is nothing wrong with that, if that is what you wanted to experience prior to being born. Life is about experience. I once chose a lifetime as a prostitute.

But…. if you are chasing popularity and admiration as the sole means of making you happier than you are today, it is my guess you will be deeply disappointed. Happiness is generated from within by upgrading your thoughts. Getting control over your thought-life and understanding the implications of what will happen if you don’t, is the only way happiness becomes available. But good luck in your search for popularity and admiration and all that will come along with that. When you die and get back to where you came from, you will have a great story under your belt unlike those who feel that playing it safe is the best use of their time.

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