How to Get Peace of Mind in Life

Sarah Tirri
September 10, 2019

You don’t get peace of mind, you summon it. Peace of mind is an internal choice which is not necessarily related to outside events taking shape the way you hope. Peace of mind is a state of being that has to be consciously called forth, it doesn’t arrive the way happiness arrives. Happiness arrives because something external has made you happy - a good meal, a good movie, a good day out on the lake with your friends, etc. But happiness is fleeting because external reality changes all the time. Peace of mind is instant and immediately available without anything in your external reality inducing it. 

Getting peace of mind is just a matter of re-focusing your attention.

What is the Meaning of Peace of Mind? 

Peace of mind is the best indicator that you are spiritually well. Peace of mind is the state of being that every yogi, sage and avatar knew to be enlightenment. To turn-on peace of mind is to experience life from a transcendental perspective and not the ego’s. The ego-mind, when in activation does not allow for peace of mind nor tolerates it. The ego-mind is restless, always hungry, always seeking sensation and stimulation, and that’s a good thing because civilization would not have been possible otherwise. But on a personal level, if you do not consciously shut down your ego-mind, the peace of mind that keeps you healthy and smiling will remain elusive, and you will remain restless.

What is the Feeling of Peace? 

The first time I witnessed peace of mind as a profound observation was when I visiting my father. He was in his early seventies, pottering about the kitchen in his rental flat which overlooked Hove’s seafront back in England. He was approaching retirement with little material wealth. My thought-life was of a very poor quality back then and the question that I somehow did manage to keep inside my head was, “Jesus dad, what the fuck have you got to be so happy about?” There was a time that I thought peace of mind was associated with external accomplishment. I observed my dad for the next couple of minutes while he finished brewing his tea. After a short while I said,  “You look happy today, dad.” He looked at me and smiled, “I am happy today.” But I realized it wasn’t happiness that I was witnessing, it was an internal exultation of inner peace that was emanating from him so strongly I could feel it. It was as if his mind was rocking itself the way a mother gently rocks her newborn who is full and content and drifting off to sleep - loved, safe and nurtured.

How Can I Be a Calm and Peaceful Person? 

Focus your attention on the goal, and be it by creating it emotionally. Emotions can be created, you do not have to accept the emotional state your ego-mind imposes upon your consciousness. Be a calm and peaceful person, don’t wait for something external to happen to stimulate it, and do not allow your ego-mind to dictate the terms and conditions of your life. You have control of your mind whether you realize this or not. Stop your ego-driven thought-stream, bring your attention directly into the immediate moment and you will see that you are a peaceful person. As your ego-driven thoughts cease, you will find that a calm and peaceful state of consciousness is already there in the gap. It was never not there. You did nothing to create it, you just tapped into it. Inner peace and calm is a manifestation of soul-mind awareness and if you feel ruffled and prickly it is because you have not correctly oriented your mind. Correctly orienting your mind is the premise of your existence.

How Can I Stay Calm and Feel Inner Peace? 

When you feel your equilibrium waver, restore it by refocusing your attention. The entire premise of your existence is to correctly re-focus your attention, and in order to explain this in detail I have written an epic sci-fi fantasy novel about this process. Go to or Download The Day She Cut God Loose on this site, or listen to it at Book One deals with the first 23 years of my spiritual journey, and you will see how mentally unwell I used to be.

To stay calm and feel inner peace means you have to narrow the gap that exists every time you shut down your ego-mind thinking and enter into the immediate awareness of the now moment.

Narrowing the gap means you must remember that you are lost in thought.

Narrowing the gap means you must remember that you are not your thoughts and don’t need to be. 

Narrowing the gap means you must remember that within you the peace that surpasses all understanding exists. It is eternal, free, and can never be damaged. It was with you before you were born, it is with you now, and it will be with you again when you next reincarnate.

(Remember if you do not wish to reincarnate again, you have work to do. You must take very seriously this concept: I create my external reality with the thoughts my mind produces, ego or divine.)

How to Have Peace of Mind in a Relationship? 

To have peace of mind in a relationship will likely be more challenging than if you are sitting on a beach by yourself staring at a sunset while sipping a margarita. I am talking about the relationship between man and wife, or boyfriend and girlfriend, primarily. 

I am able to pick up on the state of mind of my husband just by being in his vicinity. Of course, there is his body language to clue me in but I can feel when he is mentally agitated, pissed off, stressed out, angry etc, This is when I feel my own ego-mind get triggered. This is when peace of mind is the most difficult for me to maintain or even enter into.  If like me you are a person who gets triggered because you sense acutely the emotional state of another, a great spiritual leap is possible. To be non-reactionary in a relationship is a high prize, and peace of mind within the context of that relationship is the fruit of that prize.

Easy Steps to Find Inner Peace 

Tell yourself that you are worthy of inner peace even if you have diagnosed yourself to be a flake and a mess with apathy and self-deception consuming you.

Tell yourself you want to experience inner peace, that you are ready now more than you have ever been. Tell yourself in fact, that you have reached a point in your spiritual journey where nothing else is as important to you. This could be in the form of formal prayer or self-affirmation.

Tell yourself that the peace of mind of those you love is dependent upon you demonstrating it. Shoulder this responsibility and commit to it. Tell yourself that you are strong enough to be a witness to others. Tell yourself that the process is easy and immediate.

Affirm that within your mind the spark of the divine rests, and is waiting for you, the host, to bring it into your awareness. Affirm that the process is as simple as flicking a switch.

Tell yourself that you have the power to completely transform your outer reality once you have transformed your inner thought processes. Tell yourself that you have inadvertently done this before, and that this time you are ready to do it at Will. This is Creation.

Remember the times when you experienced inner peace; you should be able to recall them because they are difficult to forget. Remember that you entered into this state of mind involuntarily, and now you have the desire and wherewithal to do so voluntarily.

One of the most profound moments of involuntary inner peace I ever experienced lasted for about thirty minutes. This experience took place when I was sunbathing on a beach in St. Lucia when I was an air stewardess for British Airways. This incident is something I wrote about in my novel. I now understand many years later that I am able to enter into the same mental space whether pulling weeds, driving in heavy traffic, or when washing a pile of dirty dishes that some other fucker left in the kitchen sink the night before.

Ask yourself: Is God a God of Magnificence or isn’t He? I asked this question and my non-fiction book Is This The Best God Could Do? was born - which is available on this site, or go to or God either created a second-rate human existence of which you are part of and are trapped in, or He didn’t. God either endowed you will the power to create your reality, or He didn’t. 

If you decide to upgrade your idea about what God did, you will be more able to live a better quality of life than you might have been living so far. Tell yourself that leading a better life is just a question of aligning yourself with the true premise of your existence and not some shoddy counterfeit taught by some religions. 

Understanding that the premise of your existence is to become more than you were, (evolution) is the best thing you have going for you - the most intellectually sophisticated and most psychologically satisfying. How do you become more than you were yesterday? Get control of your ego-mind today.

When you upgrade your idea about who and what God is, you will see that you are the master of your own destiny. Everything negative that has ever happened to you is either the result of you scheduling necessary lessons prior to be being born, incorrect thinking, or karma. But know this: you are not in control of when your karma plays out, so just assume you don't have any negative karma - just good karma. Be optimistic. Assume are now a clean slate. If negative karma is in your Lifeplan, worrying or speculating about what that might be is a complete waste of time. Just know that you are an aspect of God much like a drop is to the rest of the ocean. Know that spiritual knowledge of this kind means you now have more power than you might have previously thought, and entering into inner peace and maintaining it, is the appropriate platform from which to direct your life.

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