How To Stay Positive Even In Hard Times?

Sarah Tirri
September 9, 2019

In order to stay positive in hard times, you have to become aware that by controlling your thoughts and being positive in hard times, you are able to upgrade your future experience, therefore eliminating the hard times you wish to escape. This theory is based on the scientific and most promising idea that that each of us live in a personal hologram of potential, and the future potentials are activated, good and bad, by the vibratory rate (emotional content) you are radiating. Remember, your thoughts create your emotions. Nothing is happening to you, you are causing the happening.

I have said this before and I must say it again: It is supremely useful to ask yourself this question, Is God a God of Magnificence or isn’t He? Did God create human beings with the power to create their reality or didn’t He? Did He create a mind-blowingly expansive  system in which we are able to do this, or didn’t He? 

If you are in ‘hard times’ consider it is because you have created this particular ‘hard time’ with the thoughts that preceded it. Of course, one must always remember that contemporary or past-life negative karma can be at work in any given situation. If you suspect this to be the case, just enter into identification with your soul-mind and request that your higher-self deliver to you the knowledge you need to navigate through your karmic experience with creating more negative karma! (Again, to do this, you must quiet the chatter of the thinking-mind in order to hear the still-small-voice.) 

If karma is not at play, re-focus on the spiritual notion that it is the contents of your compulsive thinking that is activating your external reality, also re-focus on the spiritual notion that it is the contents of your conscious (deliberate) thinking that can get you out of the mess you are in.

I know what I have written in the above paragraph can be a bitter pill to swallow, I was once down and out, penniless and pregnant, alone and miserable, and when I considered that I had done this to myself, I, at first, resisted with the force of a hurricane. Eventually, I took responsibility for my ‘creation’. It was then that I was able to hear the still-small-voice from within. I talk about this scenario in Book 2 of my novel series The Day She Cut God Loose which I am currently working on now. (Book 1 is available for download on this site, or from or you can listen to it at

Upgrade your faith by reviewing the God-type you have faith in, when you do, it is easy to seek that of course God endowed us with the power to create our experiences and the mechanism by which we do this is our thinking capacity. This is actually the best news you have ever heard, because external reality can be changed as your inner-world changes. 

How Do You Keep a Positive Attitude At Difficult Times? 

To keep a positive attitude at difficult times, one must renew ones thinking, moment by moment, consciously casting out thoughts that are defeatist and low-grade. Although I quite brutally deconstructed the God of Abraham in my book, Is This the Best God Could Do? one of my favorite bible verses is still this… I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. (Gospel according to St. Paul.)

To keep a positive attitude in hard times, remember the premise of your existence. You are born to create reality with your thoughts, you can either be unconscious of this and you will feel and remain as though you are living in a capricious victim-strewn world you don’t understand. Or, you can be conscious of what you are thinking about and take responsibility for your life and what you have created to date. 

To keep a positive  attitude in difficult times, one might want to remember that the well-being of the ones you love is at stake. If the ego-mind is producing your thoughts, you are in a mindset that is unlikely to give that much of a shit about the well-being of others, and if that is the case, don’t expect much.

To remain positive in hard times, forgive yourself of all the ugliness, pettiness and self-induced tyranny that comes with the territory of being an extremely powerful being on a planet which is designed to mirror your emotional state. If you think the above assertion sounds trippy, I agree, it is. But it is also the most powerful idea mankind has brought into the arena of philosophical contemplation. Think about it, God has made you omnipotent in a narrow, but very precise and exact way. Who you are now and what you are evolving into is simply mind blowing. Life on planet Earth is preparing you for something. Life is not meaningless. Your mind needs development, and this my friend, is where it happens. (Again, this concept is explored in my novel, The Starside Prophecy.)

How Do You Stay Positive Around Negative Family Members? 

For me, staying positive around negative family members is by far the most challenging thing in my otherwise pretty little life. Thoughts, negative and positive, are energy, and having to live in an environment whereby the low-grade energy of another is present requires you be more conscious than ever. Consider it a curse or consider it a gift. If you consider it a gift, it is easy to observe that you are in the ideal environment for a much needed or perhaps destined leap in your spiritual development. If you are having to stay positive around the negativity of others, at home or in the work-place, you might consider this: If you are conscious enough to disallow the moods of another to affect your well-being, you are very 'centered.' From this mental space of clarity, your particular and specific ‘calling' is often revealed.

Understanding that you have ‘a calling’ is a very important part of your journey, if not the most important part of it. It is also the thing that is going to prevent your mind from assembling the thoughts that cause you to feel depressed.

If you are living with someone, spouse, friend, relative etc., or are spending a lot of time around co-workers whose thoughts you intuit to be intense and poor in quality, you can get de-railed pretty quickly. You cannot see the thoughts of another but you can feel them. Some of my readers might not know what I am talking about, but the spiritually sensitive will. The low-grade thoughts of others have the tendency to make one feel oppressed and heavy, and often indignant.  If you are experiencing life amid the low-grade energy of another, the first thing you might try to do is to attempt to change the other person in order that you might be able to feel more comfortable around them. But this causes a whole boomerang of resentments and secondary problems that are even more difficult to deal with. To stay positive around others requires an act of extreme Will. You must invoke at all times soul-mind awareness. If you fail to do this, your thoughts will likely be as low-grade as the person whose energy is bugging you.

You might also want to consider that you being and remaining positive around a negative family member or co-worker is necessary to offer them an example of a better way to be. Throw down the ladder, hold it steady, and help your ‘special  someone’ climb up it. It’s a shit job but someone’s gotta do it!

How Do You Cheer Up a Negative Person?

If your ego-mind is governing your consciousness and you are faced with a negative person, you might think something like:

Screw it. It’s not my fucking problem.

You know what, they made their bed, they can fucking lie in it. I have to.

Cheer them up? How about someone cheer me the fuck up!

What have they got to be so negative about, they can breathe, talk and walk, can’t they?

If your soul-mind is governing your consciousness and you are faced with a negative person, you might say something like:

I am going to cook them a lovely meal, and if I can do anything to help them, I will. My life is amazing and I am just happy that I can.

How Do You Not Let Other People's Negativity Affect You? 

One way you can prevent other people’s negative energy from negatively affecting you is to stop feeling like you are a victim of it. Secondly, don’t make their drama your drama; the ego-mind loves drama and will coax and coerce you into becoming overly invested in the problems of others just so it has some ‘food’ to sustain itself. Watching the tricks and proclivities of your ego-mind is the best way to ward-off the mental states that cause negativity in this world.

How Do I Stop Being a Negative Person? 

The fact that you have asked this question is a huge step. Most people who are submerged in high degrees of compulsive thinking are totally unaware that they are even thinking - let alone understanding that their thoughts are of a very poor quality - let alone asking – How do I stop being a negative person?

If you have asked the above question, good for you! Your journey onward and upward will be much easier now. When you become aware of the fact that your are being negative, pat yourself on the back, pop a cork and celebrate. This is an amazing leap - central to any happiness you might expect to find from life. Now begin the process of re-programming your mind. This is how you do it:  Every time you realize you are lost in thought, bring your attention back to the 'now moment' and offer appreciation to the Universe/God for something good that you are seeing around you. Then, consciously using the full capacity of your imagination, think of all the things you would like to see happen in your life. Creative visualization is a strategic and very clever use of deliberate-thought because it prevents the mind from churning-up negative thoughts due to the fact that your soul-mind visions are likely to be beautiful and life-affirming and very exciting. 

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