What is the Difference Between Happiness and Contentment?

Sarah Tirri
September 9, 2019

The difference between happiness and contentment is that happiness is the result of something occurring in your external world that you approve of. Outer stimuli is necessary for happiness to occur. 

Contentment is the result of your inner-world pleasing you. For your inner-world to be pleasing your thoughtlife must be subject to regulation by the constant refocusing of your attention.

Notice that your mind is subject to a default setting which can be called the ego-mind. The default setting is a resting place where unconscious creation automatically occurs. For the rest of your life you will have to remain cognizant that your mind will run itself if you don’t. If you allow your mind to run itself, you will not know contentment; its unlikely you will even come close. If you don’t know contentment, you will forever be busy whipping up external events to deliver happy moments to you but they will quickly pass and you will be on the manhunt for a new ones. This means you will be restless most of the time. 

Are you restless? It means you are looking for something externally to satisfy you.

Is Happiness and Contentment the Same Thing?

On an exceptionally good day, happiness and contentment might go hand in hand. You will be heading towards bliss when this occurs. Exceptionally good days will become more commonplace when you understand the basics of what your mind is doing and why. Exceptionally good days will become more commonplace when a higher understanding of the meaning of life is recognized to be the necessary platform on which happiness and contentment collide.

Have faith in and trust that the Creator of the Universe designed you with the ability to stop your thoughts-stream and find the gap.

The gap in your awareness is the experience you are looking for. This will then become the template of a state of mind that you will want to reproduce. In this state of mind contentment is found. And contentment can become the backdrop of your everyday life.

When you are unconsciously drawn into ego-mind identification, you are asleep. When you find the gap you are wide awake. Understand that at first you will be awake sometimes and asleep at others. It requires vigilance to remain awake and practice to perfect, but once you have experienced what being awake feels like, even fleetingly, you will feel lighter and more dynamic than you ever have.

When you have located the gap, you are in a better position to consciously reshape your entire life. (I talk about the rewards of creative visualization in my novel, The Starside Prophecy which is available for free download.) 

What is The Opposite of Contentment? 

The opposite of contentment is primarily the agitation that arises from the workings of an unhealthy mind. At any given moment, you can get a good indication of how healthy your mind is by knowing (karma withstanding) that your outer-world is a just a reflection of your inner world. When one has consciously saturated ones awareness with thoughts of goodness and harmony, love and prosperity, a mirror of our thinking reveals itself as physical fulfillment. If one has unconsciously done the opposite and saturated ones awareness with thoughts of limitation and all that is miserly, a mirror of our thinking reveals itself as physical fulfillment. This is the work of the ego-mind. The ego-mind does not allow contentment to manifest, it wasn’t designed to. The ego-mind was designed to compel us into full blown consciousness by way of a very specific realization…

Realize then that to refocus your attention is to override your default setting which is the negative pull of the ego-mind, which delivers negative results in your external reality. To be conscious is the only way you can create positive thoughts. To creative positive thoughts is to be free of all the shit that has bogged you down so far. 

Is Happiness the Same as Satisfaction? 

Satisfaction is ‘arrived at’ when you know your life is on course. Satisfaction is arrived at when you are certain of your life’s purpose. Satisfaction is arrived at when you are living your Lifeplan. Satisfaction is more of a prospect when you realize that… 

“The Creative Force of the universe is working through you. You can be as great an outlet for it as anyone who has ever lived. You have only to provide the mold in which it is to take shape, and that mold is formed by your thoughts. Make it your dominant thought, magnetize your mind with it, and you will draw to you everything you need for its accomplishment. The whole theory is based on the assumption that the visible and the invisible are one of the same. Einstein, in the language of a scientist, said that energy and mass are equal and interchangeable. Thought, here, is the energy, and the effect of that thought becomes the mass or outer form appearing in our experience…” Robert Collier

What is Self Contentment? 

Self-generated-contentment is a better way to state the process because self generated anything means you are at the helm.

Self-contentment is the only form of contentment. It cannot be located externally, found or foraged, retrieved or demanded. If you attempt to find contentment externally, you won’t get very far, and the chances are you are more selfish than you thought possible. You cannot be selfish and happy, and knowing which part of your mind is doing what and why, is essential to generating self-contentment.

Self contentment is the ability to rely on oneself for one’s own happiness and well-being. You can rely on another to make you happy if you wish, but it is a transitory arrangement  and you will always be left wanting. Also, relying on another renders you powerless and pathetic because you can be sure your ego-mind is governing your consciousness. 

Lack of contentment is usually the result of ignorance with regards to more expanded ideas of spirit.  So, read my novel, The Day She Cut God Loose - available as an eBook on this site, or go to Amazon.com or to listen go to Audible.com. My memoir is woven throughout the pages so you can discover more about the mind and why God created it the way He did. There are and were no errors in creation. There was no ‘fall’ and no repairs are necessary.  You will discover that the forces of light and dark were created by God and not the result of divine incompetence or the workings of the devil. 

What is The Meaning of Lack of Contentment? 

If you are not content, the possibility exists that you are a member of the waking-dead. I was once a member of the waking-dead, I am not so dead now, thank fucking God. In fact I often feel very alive. When one feels alive it is easier to see that those around us are not. The waking-dead are everywhere. Not only do they bag your groceries; they teach your children, invest your money, diagnose your illness, fly you across the Atlantic. Most of us are all able to function very well in a trance—dab hands—living a little life in some half-baked state of mechanical consciousness that we have been hypnotized into believing is all there is. This is the meaning of lack of contentment.

Those of us still “sleeping” live like this because we have unconsciously permitted the voice of the ego-mind to bulldoze into our awareness, where it remains, belligerently resistant, forcing its host to withdraw from the immediacy of the life he should be interacting with. Gurdjieff, a Sufi mystic (some say charlatan) had something to say about this: “Robotic bugs blend into a cockroach society.” Gurdjieff maintained that man was a machine, awake but asleep, hurried but static. I understood the observation immediately. From an early age my mind was inundated by an endless stream of divergent thoughts that I could not shut up. I was too young to know that this inner clamor was the voice of my sensory ego-mind or that I actually did have control over it. So on the clamor would run, shamelessly insistent and demanding, preventing me from fully engaging life—robbing me of vitality so that a kind of mechanical response was all I could manage. This is what happens when you live in two places at once, one mental and one physical: you are stretched too thin. 

How Do You Find Happiness and Contentment in Life? 

To find happiness and contentment in life, you must also understand the outer phenomena that conspire against you finding either. The media is a certain culprit…

The media likes to inundate those living on auto-pilot (the majority of us) with shiny energetic people—paid to look refreshed and vibrant. We quickly react by putting on our pageant smile and engage others with a robust handshake and a quick one-liner. We go to work, raise our children, and throw our dinner parties; and all the while a mental soundtrack of mostly pointless thoughts besiege us in a torrent so continuous that the only way to shut them up is to sleep. And many of us don’t manage that very well. An overactive mind causes insomnia, and in an attempt to seduce oblivion, we down a cocktail or a sedative. Hopefully—eventually—we sleep, but when we wake up, we’re not really awake, not vital or alive because the endless chatter begins again—acting as gatekeeper to ward off the awareness that allows for happiness, contentment and all its derivatives. 

To find happiness and contentment in life, you must understand the the premise and mechanics of your existence. If you don't, don't expect much.

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