What To Do When You Feel Depressed?

Sarah Tirri
September 9, 2019

If you feel like you are near to attempting suicide, do not read this. Check into hospital. Do it now. Nothing I say will be able to help if your thought-life is that out of whack. It’s okay, it’s not easy being human. Best of luck, and if you do not make it this time around there are plenty more opportunities in your eternal future.

My husband was aghast when he read the above statement. He thought it way too direct, callous even, and he thought I could have said it better. He thought I should have been more gentle. In response to him and to my readers who might have similar concerns, I would like to point out that reincarnation will continue to occur until you wake up to the true premise of your existence. Reincarnation is the bottom line. Sugar-coating the bottom line is something that would not have been helpful to me during my spiritual growth, especially when I was depressed.

For those of my readers who feel depressed recognize that your though-life is responsible. If you are particularly unconscious of what you are thinking, it may take a little time for you to be able to stop the flow, even briefly. Persevere. You can do it.

How Do You Determine if You Are Depressed? 

You spend your day bitching and nit-picking and finding fault with everything.

You spend your day feeling sorry for yourself because you believe yourself to be a victim.

You spend your day belittling others - as subtly as you can if you are clever about it.

Here is an extract from my novel, The Day She Cut God Loose which is available as an eBook on this site, or go to Amazon.com - or listen to it at Audible.com. Ron the electrician was very depressed, I hope you can see why…

Ron was lying in bed, unable to calm his mind, not that he would have known what that meant. Sleep had not given him the reprieve he yearned for, and now he was angry. Ron had never believed in God or a bigger picture and thought only simple-minded people did. The only big picture he had ever seen was that life was an unfortunate and never-ending battle. He had no idea he was actually creating that battle and had no idea that he would be required to endure his creations until he woke up to the magnitude of his own being. Melchizedek knew that Ron would get it, eventually, for all souls eventually did. Ron finally fell asleep but woke up from a bad dream with the same frown lines on his forehead that had been creasing it for the past fifty years.

Ron switched on the lamp. The hundred watt bulb’s light stung his eyes. He reached for the alarm that should have gone off and shook it. The batteries fell out. “Good job I wasn’t relying on that useless piece of Chinese crap.” Ron picked up his water and took a sip, not noticing the moth floating on the top hat had drowned in it. He spat the water and the moth back into the glass. Ron flung the covers back and climbed out of bed, rubbing his lower back. He stubbed his toe on the bed frame and didn’t bother opening the blinds. “More lousy weather!” he growled as he walked into the kitchen to make some coffee. There was only half a teaspoon of instant left in the jar. “Jesus! I’m not asking for much, just a cup of goddamn coffee.” 

Melchizedek laughed. Ron had only ever called him Jesus, and only called him at all when he was upset. He wanted to remind Ron that there was a jar of coffee in the pantry behind the oatmeal, and he wanted to remind him that happiness was not possible without at first creating the mindset necessary to attract the mirror experience. “Still your mind. Appreciate what you have so more can be supplied. It’s so simple, Ron.” 

Ron’s mind did not permit him to appreciate anything. He toasted some bread, whole grain, which he hated, but the doctor said he needed more fiber. It toasted unevenly. He then walked into the bathroom to get ready for work. The water had left an orange stain in the shower stall and he knew he would have to check the filtration system, again. The last time he was out there, several wasps nesting under the awning had stung him on the forehead.

Melchizedek watched Ron slam his front door. He then watched him climb into his work van and slam that door. Ron had slammed a lot of doors during his lifetime. Ron, a plumber with thirty years’ solid experience, resented his boss, who didn’t appreciate his skills and sent him on all the crappy jobs. He had been promised a company work van, but that never seemed to materialize and probably never would. Ron turned the key in the ignition of his old van, and it took a few tries for the engine to kick to life. The alternator had not been charging the battery, which was new, so now he would have to make another trip back to AutoZone. He hated going there—full of young whippersnappers who didn’t know their asses from their elbows. The rain was heavy and his wipers needed new blades. Ron squinted as he headed east into the rain, and the traffic exhausted what was left of his patience. He should have known better than to listen to the news on the radio: the economy was worsening and property prices were plummeting. He had bought his house two years ago at the height of the property boom, and now it was worth less than half what he owed. 

Ron’s boss has directed him to unblock a drain in a housing complex on the other side of town. He wasn’t even offered so much as a thimble of water by the owner—a goddamned foreigner. Ron waded his way through three more jobs after that, trying to avoid un-muzzled dogs and nosey children. He then stopped at the supermarket. It was past 8:00. The checkout line was long and the woman in front of him had a pile of coupons.

“Jesus Christ, it’s only Monday,” Ron muttered as he rammed his shopping cart into a stack of others.

“You will live a billion Mondays, and then some,” said Melchizedek. “Now is the only relevant moment.” But his words fell on deaf ears.

When Ron arrived home he retrieved a pile of letters from the mailbox that some idiot had backed into the week before. Bills and flyers. He then listened to his phone messages: the fraud department of a credit card company had called—some little shit had used his card—and then he heard Donald’s voice asking to borrow money. “How the hell did I end up having such a flake for a brother?” he seethed, reaching for the remote. Ron turned on the TV and then began unpacking the groceries. The coffee jar slipped out of his hands and smashed on the tile. The granules flew everywhere. 

Ron listened to the news anchor talk about rising gas prices. She had a high-pitched voice that grated on his nerves, and the picture on his dinosaur of a TV was starting to look fuzzy. “Jesus! What a shit life this is.” 

Melchizedek did not flinch. Ron had been calling out his name in vain all week, and the week before that, and the one before that… “There is a better way, Ron. Focus. Listen. Heed.”

Ron’s thoughts were too frenetic to hear anything. He put a ready-meal in the microwave, Salisbury steak that was tasteless and frozen in the middle. He threw it in the trash and looked out of the window. The streetlight had been flickering for weeks and the County had not bothered to repair it. The garbage collector had dropped a bag that morning, the contents strewn across Ron’s front lawn. Ron went outside to pick up the mess. His cheerful new neighbor was outside leaving seed for the goddamn birds, which Ron would shoot if he ever got half the chance. He pretended not to notice her; he preferred to keep himself to himself. 

Ron climbed into a cold bed just after 10:00 p.m. He could hear the tap dripping in the bathroom. He kept forgetting to replace the washer. Ron pulled the pillow over his head, ready to battle another restless night. When he did finally sleep, he dreamt of his ex-wife and his estranged children. He then dreamt that faulty wiring had caused his house to burn down and awoke during the early hours with a raging thirst. He reached for his glass. The dead moth was still floating in last night’s water…

How Long Does a Depression Last?

As long as it takes for you to understand that it is YOU who is creating your depression.

Can a Person Be Cured of Depression?

Yes. You can do it.  A change in perspective might be all you need. Perhaps medicine can assist if you are that out of whack. I have never taken medicine for depression so I am not qualified to offer much of an opinion regarding its potential benefits, but I have been depressed, obnoxiously so.

How Do I Overcome Depression Alone?

Reading both my books might help. Is This the Best God Could Do? and The Day She Cut God Loose (Both are available as an eBook on this site, or go to Amazon.com or listen to it at Audible.com.) Tell me whether you succeeded in ridding yourself of the mindset that keeps you depressed. I am rooting for you, that’s for sure. The process will be easy if your tell yourself that it is easy. The process will be difficult if you tell yourself that it is difficult. You do possess the ability to direct your thoughts, it's very important that you know that.

Does Depression Go Away Without Medication? 

I believe wholeheartedly that it can, but it may not. It depends on what is written into your Lifeplan, i.e.: What experiences you chose prior to being born. Perhaps you chose the experience of being medicated, sitting in the bay window of a mental hospital with a crocheted blanket over your knees existing in a state of numbness while rocking slightly. 

Sorry if I sound flippant. I don’t mean to be. I would really like to help you out of your funk, and I recommend that the way you do that is to get control of your thought-life, even if you are only able to manage it in short bursts at first.

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